Developing the existing transportation center (Carmel Beach central Bus Station) as a center of occupation, commerce and tourism, based on the Carmel Beach central station and on its proximity to the sea. The complex is designed as an extension of existing development along the beach, constructing a system of pedestrians and cyclists routs leading to the beach, integrating the project in the busses, street cars and train mass transportation systems and connecting it to the Carmel tunnels. The plan proposes adding occupation, offices, commerce and hotels areas. Commercial activity facades will face the pedestrians’ promenade, which will be connected to the existing promenade along Saharov Street and to the beach by a pedestrians and cyclists bridge over the railway. The plan guarantees the continued operation of the transportation center throughout construction and defines execution milestones to assure a seamless incorporation of the various transportation means and pedestrians traffic between the project and its surroundings.

Location /
Haifa's south entrance
Client /
Egged Holdings Ltd.
Built Area /
66 dunam
Scope /
~ 166,000 square meter
Status /
In planning
Participants In Project /
Architect Lucian Faina, Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Zina Rzaev, Architect Rozi Fishilevich, Architect Lee Rom-Caspi