The plan is located in an un-constructed area unit in south Or Akiva. This area is approved under a detailed plan of agricultural use assignment and is surrounded by state and regional motorways on three sides. The plan offers a quality residential complex with a linear park in its center as well as neighborhood open areas, leaving quality natural spaces as urban nature. The linear park will be used as a draining rout and a surface runoff suspension area. This residential borough offers a mix of building types, public areas to be enjoyed by borough and city residents, a transportation system for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists connecting the neighborhood to old Or Akiva. Public and educational facilities interface with the park, and commerce areas are intended to be located close to the entrance gates to the borough along the main avenue, which an extension of Or Akiva’s King David Ane.

Location /
Or Akiva
Client /
The Edmund de Rothschild Company for the Development of Caesarea Lrd.
Built Area /
140,000 square meter of public + commerce areas
Scope /
3,472 RUs
Status /
UBP approved
Participants In Project /
Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Elena Kolupaev, Architect Alina Gringauz