A plan for the building of an integrated cycle ~ 360 MW power station. The proposed configuration is of 3 AeroDerivative (LMS100) gas turbines producing ~ 100 MW each and combined with one steam turbine, utilizing residual heat emitted from the gas turbines to produce more electricity. Under the Ministry of Energy and Water’s masterplan principles, the Tzomet Energy station is one of the electricity producing facilities scheduled to be built until 2020. This station is unique in the immediate availability of the energy it produces, the turbines’ high efficiency, operational maximum flexibility and their short construction time

Location /
West of the Plugot intersection and south of rout 35, adjacent to the Kiryat Gat STP
Client /
Tzomet Enenrgy Ltd.
Built Area /
960 dunam
Status /
Plan approved
Participants In Project /
Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Zina Rzaev