As part of a public appeal for 2016 urban renewal plans by the Ministry of Housing’s urban renewal division, the Or Akiva old neighborhood was chosen for an urban renewal plan. The plan is a non-statutory strategic guidance document reflecting trends and visions for the area’s growth, setting potential development principles for urban renewal. In the area of the plan there are ~ 2,400 RUs with ~ 8,400 residents in them, ~ 7,000 square meter commerce and a ~1 km main street. The plan is a strategic tool in setting a clear policy i for the Or Akiva municipality n finding urban renewal solutions, promoting entrepreneurships in the realization of the plan and ensuring renewal, improved quality of life and no harm to the residents

Location /
Or Akiva
Client /
Ministry of Building & Housing
Built Area /
650 dunam
Status /
In planning
Participants In Project /
Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Elena Kolupaev, Architect Alina Gringauz