Kiryat Arie is an occupation and industry area close to residential and other occupational areas, featuring, inter alia, offices, Hi-Tec, factories, traditional industry and workshops. Not realizing the area’s full rights under approved construction plans, this area is difficult to navigate and suffers from significant lack of active connections to the city. It is one of 6 secondary metropolitan occupational areas marked in the 21/3. The GOP was prepared in accordance with the provision stipulating mandatory local outline plan for secondary occupational areas. The planning team’s vision for Kiryat Arie is of a thriving, attractive and competitive occupational area, combining occupation, leisure and culture uses with urban and environmental development of significant panoramic routes within the complex. The plan addresses several issues, like facilitating speedy development, development of the public space and utilizing the 3-D space, setting rules for intervention in constructed lots, strengthening the ties to the urban system, improving accessibility to public transportation, improving environmental conditions, prevention of environmental hazards and so forth

Location /
Petach Tikva's north-west
Client /
Petach Tikva Municipaly
Built Area /
2,300 dunam
Status /
In planning
Participants In Project /
Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Zina Rzaev, Architect Adi Reich Roman, Architect Eshcar Goldberg