A plan for a new residential neighborhood called Sha’ar Tivon on land owned by Kibbutz Sha’ar HaAmakim, near HaAmakim intersection. This neighborhood will be adjacent to the Elroi neighborhood, near rout 7213 going from HaAmakin intersection to the Oranim College and Tivon. This neighborhood will be accessed through the existing intersection, taking into consideration the multi-level intersection planned in the rout 75/6 intersection, per NIP 31/a/3. The plan features a series of public areas connecting Elroi neighborhood to the new neighborhood and improve civil services to current residents of Elroi

Location /
Client /
Built Area /
300 dunam
Scope /
522 RUs, of which 20% small (up to 75 square meter main area including APS)
Status /
Plan approved
Participants In Project /
Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Gabi Ruvinsky-Att, Architect Maydad Levy