Cemetery master plan


Central distric and Tel-Aviv district


Planning administration


About 200 cemeteries


In preparation

Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Maria Nakhtiger, Architect Tiferet Sayag, Architect Zina Rzaev, Architect Amir Wiener

A master plan for the cemeteries of the Central district and the Tel-Aviv district for the target year 2060: In recent years, there is rising distress regarding available burial spots in the Central and Tel-Aviv districts. As part of the reply for this issue, and considering the gaps presented in the state comptroller’s report (March 2020) about Israel’s burial arrangement, it was decided to promote a master plan for cemeteries for the year 2060, itÕs goal is inspecting the finding of reserves of the current space available for burial, assessing the circumference of the needed areas for the destination year and consolidating recommendations in matters of circumference, character and mix of the burial spaces in these districts. The Central and Tel-Aviv districts are the most crowded ones in Israel. Tel-Aviv district is spread-out on an area of about 186 sqm and inhabits today about 1.4 million residents. The Central district is spread-out on an area of about 1,293 sqm, in which there are about 3.6 million residents. The residents reside in 64 local councils (52 in the Central district and 12 in the Tel-Aviv district), around half of them (31) are cities, and the rest local councils (21) and regional councils (12). In the first part of the plan, report of the current state, a wide-ranged review is brought up, which reflects the complexity of the burial arrangement in financial and administrational aspects, in aspects of policy and regulations, in social and religious aspects, and presents the global trends for coping with similar issues as well as a physical-planning review, review of population, scenery and surroundings in the Central and Tel-Aviv districts.
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