Consolidated Supply Center North- Clalit HMO


Halutzey HaTaasia st. Haifa


Shtesel industry LTD and Meshulam Levinstein contrancting group LTD for Clalit HMO


10 dunam



Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Dar, Architect Amir Spinat

A two-storey building with a partial gallery floor, the structure is designated for receiving medicine, re-packing them and distributing to the HMO’s pharmacy branches in the northern area. The ground floor contains loading and unloading zones of about-10 trucks (including height equalizers)- receiving and storing area. In addition, the floor includes pharmacies for re-packing the medicine prior to distributing them to the branches. The gallery floor includes a department of 12 offices, a dining room and a heating kitchen. The project is built of concrete pillars and precast of revealed and painted concrete. The storage roof is a light roof made of isolated panels and the two-storey office department is built of concrete foundations including the roof.
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