Hura- eastern neighborhoods




The authority for development and settlement


800 dunam


in depositing

Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Maydad Levy

Hura is a Bedouin settlement that operates also a receiving center for the surrounding Bedouin diaspora. This plan is located on the eastern side of the settlement, on about- 800 dunam of open spaces that are under state ownership and its purpose is to develop a new residential quarter for Hura eastern to roadway 316. The plan is composed of 6 residential neighborhoods for the different tribes and also incorporates offices and commercial centers. At the heart of the plan there is a Wadi which functions as the center for neighborhood activity and in which it is proposed to locate most of the public institutions and public areas. The plan backs up the process of absorption of the Bedouin diaspora by instructions that allow permits for temporary residential constructions. The majority of residential lots are planned for private construction in a density of about-5 RUs per dunam and a small section for communal residential buildings in a density of about 6.7 RUs per dunam. A total of 1,705 RUs are proposed in the plan.
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