Hura- neighborhoods 13, 14, 20




The authority for development and settlement


650 dunam, 260,000 sqm



Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Maydad Levy, Architect Omer Fuxbrumer

The establishment of two new residential neighborhoods on the east-southern side of Hura settlement next to the intersection of roadways 31 and 316 on an area of about 650 dunam. The plan proposes rezoning of industrial property to a residential neighborhood as one of the steps to regulate the Bedouin settlement in Hura. Neighborhood 14 is planned as part of the “regulation in place” process next to neighborhood 13 while maintaining contact and consecutiveness between the neighborhoods. It will be done by making a local change on the Eastern area of the plan for neighborhood 13. Neighborhood 20 is planned on the other side of Hur stream and designated to receive external Bedouin diaspora. The plan proposes regulation of Hur stream as part of the open space system in Hura in general and neighborhoods in particular, allocation an area for raising livestock and creating an entrance to the settlement from east through a commercial and occupational center. The residential lots in the plan are designated for private construction in a density of about 4 RUs per dunam. A total of 1,306 RUs are proposed in the plan.
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