Infrastructure and transport strategic plan


Tel-Aviv metropolitan


Planning administration


1,500 sqm


In preparation

Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Zina Rzaev, Architect Edi Dubinskiy

The plan is the fourth part in the Israel 2040 strategic plan (residence, occupation, open spaces, and transport and engineering infrastructure). The plan will apply on a “bi-district area”ÑTel-Aviv district and the central district. The plan is based on population predictions (RU’s) and the employees based on the strategic plan for residence and occupation- The plan’s goal: planning and organization of the general infrastructure arrangement, considering the timeline and location, in a way that will enable rational development, balanced and with redundancy, as part of the preparations for the predictions of the population doubling. The plan will function as a policy for directing detailed plans in the metropolitan and will be comprehensive and long-lived. The plan will determine policy guidelines, application instruments, courses of action, and a work plan for promoting detailed planning of the metropolitan infrastructures.
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