North-Western neighborhood Dimona




Office of Construction and Housing


700 dunam


processing of selected alternative

Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Elena Kolupaev

The plan is located northern to the city of Dimona, in an unconstructed mountainous area consisting of about-700 dunam, and offers a development of a new residential quarter while re-positioning a new entrance to the north of the city from national roadway number 25. The planned neighborhood will offer quality of life to it’s inhabitants via a commercial urban avenue that wll be active, wide, and gardened that encourages walking and bike riding; a diverse mixture of accommodations including private houses, cottages, garden-roof apartments, and apartment buildings in a density of up to 5 RU’s per dunam; view of the city lake and the Ben-Gurion park; walkable public neighborhood parks and public buildings; travel paths emerging from the neighborhood to the surrounding desert areas; a center of offices and commerce in the entrance to the neighborhood. In addition, the neighborhood is nearby the future educational center of Dimona and connects to the existing Har-Nof neighborhood that is currently disconnected from the city. So that it will become a part of the planned neighborhood and its residents will be able to reach services they currently lack.
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