Overseas Commerce LTD- CFS


HaNofar st., The Haifa bay industrial zone


Overseas Commerce LTD


80 dunam


Occupancy permit

Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Dar, Architect Amir Spinat, Architect Aleksey Vybornov

Container Freight Station (CFS) of about 80 dunam. Most of the lot is designated for open three-story-high storage of about 1,000 regular containers and 52 refrigerated containers. The containers are transported to the lot via Israel Railways and using semi-trailers from the main gate. The area is constructed of a main warehouse sized about 13,500 sqm designated for long-term storage of cargo stripped from containers arriving from the port, in addition it will include an office department and a dining room for heated foods. There are several other constructions in the compound: a two-story-high entrance building, 2 transformer rooms, and a garage for handling logistical vehicles. The main warehouse is planned with a foundation of concrete pillars carrying a light roof based on steel ware. The outer walls are planned of concrete establishment and the rest of the wall from Aluminum insulated panel in combination of different shades of gray and blue.
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