Railways 5 and 6


Shefayim-Ben Gurion airport


Israel roads



In preparation

Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Neta Strumza

The office operates as an urban consultant to the plan for two additional railways for heavy trains from Shefayim (connection to the national infrastructure plan no. 65 and the coastal railways) to Ben-Gurion airport in the Ayalon axis (in addition to the existing-3 and the planned 4th). The plan’s goal:-To create an intra-metropolitan fast railway connection (Haifa-Gush Dan-Be’er Sheva) and separate it from the suburban railway service -A heavy train service that integrates with the complementary Tel-Aviv metropolitan services (metro/light rail) for a quick arrival to the end-points. -resolving the datum of the strategic plan for Israeli railways 2040Ñ70% of the passengers will pass the Ayalon axis. As part of the urban consultation- looking into 3 variables to the railway routeÑground, tunneling, and bridging mostly of visibility aspects and looking the location of 1-2 stations out of 5 stations based on urban criteria.
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