Site 9- Kafr Qara


Kafr Qara


local council Kafr Qara


1,250 dunam- 750 dunam


Analysis of the current status

Participants in the project

Architect Dorit Spinat, Architect Elena Kolupaev

The plan is located in the southwestern section of the local council Kafr Qara. As part of the GOP’s vision it is demanded to construct an integration document for site 9 that’s around 1,250 dunam and later on a urban building plan will be made for a section of the area of about-780 dunam. The integration document will determine the capacity of residential units and population capacity for the entire area, a transportation foundation as part of the settlements existing foundation, a program for public buildings and open public spaces. One of the challenges in this plan is planning in an area with unregulated existing construction that sets unchangeable facts on the ground. The plan will regulate the existing construction and will propose a new development for accommodation in an average density of 6 RUs per dunam while minding the orchards, agricultural areas, and factories that are trapped in between the current accommodational lots.
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